Gaming Events  is giving you some insight on  – Why are Gaming Table Games so popular?

Let’s be honest – we go to the casino in hope of luck  (and of course all the mingling that goes with it)– right? 
Your first decision walking in the casino would be slots or table games.
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Gaming Events  is sharing the rich history of the  Welcome to Las Vegas sign!

The Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” neon sign on the southern tip of the Las Vegas Strip, is the most famous sign of its kind. The sign is 25-foot-high (7.62 m).The Las Vegas sign is a symbol of this fantastic holiday destination!

In 1952, a local ,Ted Rogich, came up with the idea and pointed out that Las Vegas had signs advertising everything but itself.

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Gaming themed parties is becoming extremely popular! Silly season has officially arrived, which means that you either have to plan a year-end function, or attend one. Giving your staff a year end function is your way of expressing your gratitude towards your staff for a year’s work done and they are the highlight of the year for employees besides going on leave.
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There is no feeling in the world that compares to a couple planning their wedding!

A Gaming wedding is the perfect icebreaker for when you & your partner disappear with the photographer. Having your photos taken between the end of the ceremony and the start of the reception can take some time. You don’t want your guests to stand around waiting for the party to start. Our professional and entertaining croupiers will keep your guests entertained which give you and your partner the peace of mind knowing your guests are taken care off and having the time of their live. Continue reading

Roulette is one of the most popular games in the casino and played on line.
The word Roulette is directly translated from the French word “little wheel”.Roulette was born over a century ago, though no one know the precise date; however the Roulette as we know it, has been played as early as 1796. Continue reading

Texas Hold’em

Texas Hold’em, began its rise to dominance in the early 1970s when it became the featured game in the World Series of Poker, the game’s leading annual competition. Here we will explain the basics of Texas Hold’em. Continue reading

Blackjack, also known as 21’s, is a variation of Pontoon, and by far one of the most popular games! An ideal game for novices & the more experienced players. This is certainly another one of those must have games at any fun gaming night!
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Gaming Events have been hosting Themed parties for more than 10 years!

The pleasure of receiving feedback after making a client’s function special is definitely one of the best feelings you can feel in the entertainment industry! While some people find Monday’s hard to cope with we just love opening our mail box on a Monday morning to find clients complimenting a job well done!  We decided to share some of that feedback with you! Continue reading

The Wheel of Fortune, also known as the Big 6 is played by a big wheel that is spun.

The wheel is divided into a number of separated sections. Each section is a different number. The dealer then spins the wheel and the winning number is indicated by a rubber that is also used to slow the wheel down. Continue reading