Gaming decor creates an atmosphere of high rolling fun!

Turn the lights down low and string fairy lights everywhere to create a glamorous mood. Welcome your guests with a lit arch entrance. This looks beautiful in the evening. You can put helium balloons on either side anchored with big dice. A stylish red carpet is the final finish to dazzle your guests with a feeling of royalty when arriving. Continue reading

Themed party
:So…you’ve been assigned to handle the catering.

This task doesn’t have to be tricky at all!

A Gaming party means lots of moving around. Everyone wants to play a hand at every table. We therefore suggest finger foods for a casino party. This way your guests have the freedom to mingle and play at the same time. If you want a sit-down dinner best will be to open the Gaming Tables after dinner or before serving dessert. Continue reading

A good theme means a great party! 

Deciding on a theme for your party is an extremely fun part of the whole process.  It will transform a “normal” get-together into a magical remarkable & treasured event. A theme also helps to set the mood for your party and it adds a whole lot of fun to the celebration. 

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Choosing a guest list can be overwhelming. To make it easier for yourself I would suggest the best would be to start with your budget.

 Get all the quotes you would need so that you can work out how much you will pay per guest. From there you will have clear indication of how many guests you can invite. Continue reading

How to host a Gaming themed party:

Planning a function can be great fun! Gaming themed parties are fast becoming a favourable choice for themed events.

Just imagine – bringing the dazzle and glamour of Las Vegas to your venue!

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