gamepic_studpokerStud Poker is one of the easiest & friendliest of poker games, in which the players are trying to get a higher hand than the dealer – they are not competing against each other.

Stud poker is played at a table similar to blackjack. The attraction of the game is the high pay-off if you catch a good hand which qualifies. The dealer requires Ace, King or a higher ranking hand to qualify, if not she will pay all the ante bets even money.

Once again, bets are placed in the box called ‘Ante’. Each player, including the dealer will receive 5 cards, one of the dealers cards is placed face up. (A clue to the strength of the dealer’s hand).
Each player decides whether to continue playing, if so you need to double your original bet & place it in the raise box.

Poker Payouts
Royal Flush – 50 to 1
Straight Flush – 25 to 1
Four of a kind – 20 to 1
Full House – 10 to 1
Flush – 5 to 1
Straight – 4 to 1
Three of a kind – 3 to 1
Two pairs – 2 to 1
One pair – 1 to 1