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Gaming Events  is giving you some insight on  – Why are Gaming Table Games so popular?

Let’s be honest – we go to the casino in hope of luck  (and of course all the mingling that goes with it)– right? 
Your first decision walking in the casino would be slots or table games.

It is a mathematical fact that tables are easier to beat than slots. Table games were developed in a time where there was no built in house edge. Slots, on the other hand, are much easier to “re-invent.” This is why tables are more beatable than slots. Table games are also easier for strategic game play. 

Gaming Table games are also great for socialising! 

Table games are dealt by a croupier who gives you a true casino experience. Croupiers are very social as they work with people every day and they can sometimes be extremely witty. Mingling and people-watching is one of the great pleasures of playing at the tables. Table games are a great social ice breaker whereas with slots you are completely isolated. There is also something about the excitement of touching the cards and the tossing dice and of course the feel of stacking chips!

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Whether it is your year end function,James Bond private party or a team building at work! It is the ultimate ice breaker at any function!

Get your poker face on and let the fun begin!