A Casino themed year end function - Gaming Events

It’s that time again where we get to celebrate a whole year’s work done and dusted!
A time to show your appreciation to employees who support you through the year.

Why not dazzle them with a Vegas Style year end party?

Let your hair down and life the life of Riley for an evening!

Enjoy the thrill of breaking the bank, become a paper billionaire or loose a fortune. Either way we will make sure you and your employees are having the time of your life! 

Choose a theme you and your co-workers can dress up.1920 / 1930’s, James Bond, Vegas Nights, Casino Royale, Wild West, Mafia etc.

Either way you and your workers won’t have to do embarrassing team building activities (yes, some people really look up to that) or have a normal sit down dinner.

Time to pop the champers and celebrate a year’s work!