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Themed party
:So…you’ve been assigned to handle the catering.

This task doesn’t have to be tricky at all!

A Gaming party means lots of moving around. Everyone wants to play a hand at every table. We therefore suggest finger foods for a casino party. This way your guests have the freedom to mingle and play at the same time. If you want a sit-down dinner best will be to open the Gaming Tables after dinner or before serving dessert.

Incorporating the  theme in finger foods may sound challenging but the ideas are endless once you start searching. The practical fact around finger food is that you will be able to accommodate vegetarians, diabetics and basically any taste preference –sweet, spicy and salty! You can serve shrimp, sushi, pastries, cheese, cupcakes, spicy Buffalo/chicken wings, pates, and crackers….see? The list keeps going!

The second wow factor around finger foods is that it can be prepared in advance which means you have the freedom to enjoy your party!

Remember to have enough napkins, side plates and cutlery nearby!

Happy cooking!