• What games are available?
    We currently provide Blackjack, Roulette, Texas Hold’em & Dice tables. We’ve chosen these games as they are the most popular & can be learnt in minutes – not wasting any of your ”fun time”.
  • How many tables will I need?
    There are no hard & fast rule and it is advisable to discuss this with us. It also depends on your size of function, budget & venue but here is a guideline. You can change the number of tables to fit your specific budget or requirements.We cater to events of any size – From 1 to 1 000 guests or more.
    15 – 50 guests 2 to 3 tables
    50 – 100 guests 3 to 4 tables
    100 – 150 guests 4 to 5 tables
    150 – 200 guests 5 to 7 tables

    Blackjack can accommodate more players than Poker or Roulette. This is also a better known game.

  • What is the size of the tables & will it fit into my venue?
    All our tables are standard gaming size tables.
    Blackjack & Stud Poker tables = +/- 1.7 meters long
    Roulette & Texas Hold’em tables = +/- 2.3 meters longThe best placing for the tables in your venue is against a wall or in a corner.
    Roulette & Blackjack tables are standing height. The reason for this is that people can move more freely between the tables & more people can play at the same time.
    The Texas Hold’em table requires 10 chairs. (To be supplied by you).
  • How does gaming work?
    Guests are provided with ‘funny money’ which they can exchange at any gaming table for chips. Dealers at the various tables will explain the games. The fun is endless!
  • Can we win prizes?
    The host can arranges to have prizes at the end of the evening.
    NO PRIZES CAN BE WON BY ANY GUEST AS A RESULT OF ANY GAME PLAYED. This is due to the restrictions placed by the Gambling & Racing Board.
    Prizes can be awarded to the player with the most flair, the best dressed, taking the most chances etc. You are playing purely for fun.
  • We are novice gamblers. Can we still play?
    Our friendly & professionally trained staff will assist you with the rules of all games. (They might even get you to spin the ball)!
  • What is your booking policy?
    We require a 50 % deposit of your invoice to reserve your date and tables & 50 % balance 24 hours before your function.
  • How long before the event do I need to book?
    Book as early as possible to prevent disappointment. However, we have a large stock of tables & can usually accommodate last minute bookings.
  • How long does it take to set up the tables?
    It depends on your number of tables but will take no longer than 45 min to 1 hour. We normally arrive at least 2 – 3 hours prior to the start of your event.
  • Do you operate all over South Africa?
    We certainly do. If outside of the Western Cape or Gauteng a small charge will be levied for transportation & staff accommodation. Overseas functions can also be accommodated.
  • Are children under 18 years allowed to attend the function?
    NO CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF 18 years are allowed to be exposed to a gaming themed event.