Hire a Texas Holdem Table

by Gaming Events

Get your poker face ready when you hire a Texas Holdem table from Fun Casino - Gaming Events.

 You can now hire a texas holdem table for the day or night as amazing entertainment you will never forget. Or hire 20 tables. 

Create your own poker room with friends or have some boardroom fun with the boys from work when you hire a texas holdem table.  Wherever it is for a fundraising event or a wedding, veryone will love our amazing entertainment. 

This is what you get!

The following is included when you hire a texas holdem table: 

  1. A Full size Texas Holdem table
  2.  A professional casino dealer (croupier)
  3. A full set of high quality casino chips (11.5g each), dealer button and a set of large index playing cards. 
  4. All the equipment to run an amazing event.

More about the game of Texas Holdem

Texas Hold’em

Texas Hold’em, began its rise to dominance in the early 1970s when it became the featured game in the World Series of Poker, the game’s leading annual competition.

Here we will explain the basics of Texas Hold’em.

In more detail:

Each player is dealt two cards face down. These are called your “hole” or “pocket” cards. Next is a round of betting. Players can “check”, “raise” or “fold”. Or just go “all-in” & see the expressions on your opponents’ faces….

After betting, the dealer will “burn” a card and then flips the next 3 cards face up on the table. These cards are community cards & are called “the flop”. Anyone can use these cards in combination with their two pocket cards to form a poker hand.

Another round of betting.
Another card ‘burnt’.
Dealer flips one more card face up on the table. This is called ‘the turn’. 

Another round of betting.
Another card ‘burnt’.
Dealers flips final card face up on the table. This is called ‘the river’.

Players can now use any of the five cards on the table and the 2 cards in their pocket to form a five card poker hand. Now a final round of betting and then the remaining players will reveal their hands. It is called ‘the showdown’.

Make sure to use your best poker face!

Let the games begin and hire a texas holdem table! 

hire a texas holdem table

Amazing Texas Holdem Quotes

  • “May the flop be with you.” Doyle Brunson
  • “Money won is twice as sweet as money earned.” Paul Newman
  • “Texas Hold’em, the game that takes a minute to learn but a lifetime to master.” Mike Sexton
  • “Limit poker is a science, but no-limit is an art.” Jack Strauss
  • “If you’re playing a poker game and you look around the table and can’t tell who the sucker is, it’s you.” Paul Newman
  • “The one who bets the most wins. Cards just break ties.” Sammy Farha
  • “The smarter you play, the luckier you’ll be.” Mark Pilarski
  • “Cards are war in disguise of a sport.” Charles Lamb
  • “Going on tilt is not ‘mixing up your play.” Steve Badger
  • “My favorite chip trick is to make everyone’s chip stack disappear.” Amarillo Slim
  • “You will show your poker greatness by the hands you fold, not the hands you play.” Dan Reed
  • “Poker is a hard way to make an easy living.” Doyle Brunson
  • If you can’t spot the sucker in your first half hour at the table, then you are the sucker.” Rounders
  • “Poker is war. People pretend it is a game.” Doyle Brunson
  • “Show me a good loser and I’ll show you a loser.” Stu Ungar
  • “In the long run there’s no luck in poker, but the short run is longer than most people know.” Rick Bennet

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