Hire a Wheel of Fortune Table

by Gaming Events

Which colour will win, when you hire a Wheel of Fortune table from Fun Casino - Gaming Events.

 You can now hire a wheel of fortune table just like in the movies. 

This games is truly amazing,. Its like playing red and black on roulette, but on steroids. 

Every secment of the wheel is on of 7 colours, we bet on the colours and if your colour wins, and you have chips on that colour, you win. 

Ech colour has different odds acording to the number of slots the colour represent on the wheel. 

 It sounds complicated, but is probably the easiest game ever. 

This is what you get!

The following is included when you hire a Wheel of Fortune table: 

  1. A Full size Wheel of Fortune table
  2.  A professional casino dealer (croupier)
  3. A full set of high quality casino chips (11.5g each). 
  4. All the equipment to run an amazing  Wheel of Fortune event.

More about the game of Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune, or as it is also sometimes called, Big Six, is an unequal game of chance. 

The wheels is divided into different coloured segments and seperated by metal pins. 

Each slot / segment is numbered according to colour. 

The dealer slowly spins the wheel, the wheel will slow down. On the wheel is a winning number indicator that shows the number after the wheel stops. 




hire a wheel of fortune table

Amazing Wheel of Fortune Facts

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