We hosted a small Poker tournament for Leon on Saturday in North Ridding to celebrate his 40th Birthday. His wife Symone arranged the party for the men and she went above and beyond to make the evening special for her husband. Leon had a small but very entertaining group of close friends for the poker evening.

The Cigars was a great addition to the theme and although there was a lot of teasing  on who the real winner was the guys had a blast! Calvin from Gaming Events facilitated the Poker tournament and we had amazing feedback from our clients:

“Golly, the guys had such an amazing time!
Your gentlemen were very professional and an absolute pleasure and the guys were all very impressed with Calvin.
Your tables are so smart! Thank you for your exceptional service. It has been an absolute pleasure dealing with you and your team.
Symone and Leon”

Thank you Symone and Leon for making Gaming Events part of your special night!