How to pick the right party venue - Gaming Events

When hosting a THEMED PARTY choosing a venue may sound like a walk in the park but choosing your venue is a very important decision you will make when planning your function. It is important to make the right choice.

1. Find a Venue

A few things to consider when you start looking for a venue are to think about your guests’ needs, weather, parking, distance for your guests to drive to get to the party etc.

2. Research

Modern technology makes it much easier allowing you to search online. Look for venues that have the facilities you are looking for. Consider things like audio-visual requirements, a stage (if there will be any performances), furniture available, catering & bar facilities. Is the size right for your number of guests?

3. Costs

This is important, but not always the deciding factor. Ask all venues what value they can add. Ask about any hidden costs like cancellation policies, staff fees (waiter, bartenders).

4. Visit the venue

Do site checks of venues before you make any decisions. Now you can see how their service is, how clean the venue is, atmosphere of the venue etc.

5. Request Quotes

Once you have eliminated the unsuited venues you can request a quote from the venues left on your list. (Now you can get a detailed list of what are included with the venue).

6. Extras (we all love extra’s)

Each venue is different with what they include in the price. Some include tables and chairs, others catering and linens, other just the space. Make sure you know what is included so there won’t be any nasty surprises at the end of your function. Also be sure to ask the venue about their liquor policy and any extra fees.

What are you waiting for? Bet on us to deal you a winning hand!!