Creating the Guest List - Gaming Events

Choosing a guest list can be overwhelming. To make it easier for yourself I would suggest the best would be to start with your budget.

 Get all the quotes you would need so that you can work out how much you will pay per guest. From there you will have clear indication of how many guests you can invite.

 Now comes the immense task – who to invite…. The issue here comes down to the “friend of a friend” conundrum.  Don’t feel obligated to invite someone just because you are inviting a person that is close to them. Bear in mind that your guests are the people who will set the mood…After all, it is YOUR party.

Casino parties are loads of Fun, therefore you want to invite your friends who would participate and be part of the fun! You can make fun rules to follow. As soon as your guests start to lose the funny money (play money) you can have them drink a shooter or do the Macarena for more money….this can get very interesting….  🙂

Keep in mind –  casino companies work under gaming board regulations therefore no under 18’s are  allowed to be exposed to a gaming environment so make sure you let all your friends know in time to make alternative arrangements.

 Now that you know who your guests are the REAL FUN starts!


 Here’s to the nights that turn into mornings and the friends that turn into family.

Author: Unknown