The Game Of Chance - The Wheel of Fortune - Gaming Events

The Wheel of Fortune, also known as the Big 6 is played by a big wheel that is spun.

The wheel is divided into a number of separated sections. Each section is a different number. The dealer then spins the wheel and the winning number is indicated by a rubber that is also used to slow the wheel down.

This is no new game. There is a rich history behind this game. The game was played by ancient Roman soldiers that used a shield which they spun on a spear.

In Medieval and ancient philosophy the wheel of fortune was better known by its Latin name Rota Fortanae and was not only used for gaming but seen as a philosophy that illustrated that life is a game whose outcome is beyond our control. The Wheel was credited to a Roman goddess named Fortuna who would change the positions of those on the wheel. Some suffer great hardship while others benefitted greatly.

Imagine the thrill of waiting for the wheel to stop as you see your number approaching! Will it stop? Will it pass? If it passes will it turn all the way around again?

This is what I call entertainment!

Place your bets and let the fun begin!