Behind the scenes with Gaming Events

We have a dedicated team at Gaming Events that strives to make your function memorable no matter how big or small your function is – we deliver quality service every time.

In 2006 Gaming Events started with a plan to create a gaming environment for entertainment that did not include gambling. The company started with 1 Blackjack table and started growing immensely since then and pretty soon the magic started to spread nationwide. Continue reading


Anargyros Karabournitiotis, best known as Archie Karas is one of the most skilled poker players you’ll ever meet. He is well known for “The Run” which was the longest and most profitable winning streak ever to be documented in casino gambling history. He was born in 1951 on an island called Cefalonia in Greece, which is located in the Ionian Sea between Italy and Greece. Archie’s father was a talented carpenter, who could build houses, but still couldn’t make enough money to support the family. Archie had an interest in playing marbles with his friends, hoping to earn some money towards food for his family. Continue reading


While there are many legends about breaking the bank in Monte Carlo, Jagger is the most well-documented and easiest to prove. In 1873, the cotton engineer and mechanic from Yorkshire found himself intrigued with the roulette wheel. He wanted to know how they worked. He hired six assistance to record every single number spun in a 12 hour shifts, and then analysed the results. Continue reading

A Gaming Fundraiser can raise good amount of money. Planning is the key to a successful fundraiser.

A Gaming themed fundraiser normally takes the form of a fun evening where the money is raised through ticket sales. This is usually the main source of revenue for the fundraiser.  


A good starting point will be is to determine how much money you would like to raise and how many guests you will be inviting. We can then determine the entrance fee (price of the ticket to the event) and the limit of expenses. Because it is a fundraiser we will need to keep the costs as low as possible.


You can also generate additional income stream from either one or all of the following:


  • Table sponsorship
  • Auctions
  • Pledges



Table Sponsorship:

You can find a table sponsor for each casino table being used. You can encourage the sponsors to provide “gag” gifts that promote their business to be distributed at “their” table. For example – a blackjack table sponsored by a dentist could give away a free toothbrush (with the sponsor’s name imprinted) for each blackjack that is dealt. Or, the dealer could be dressed in the sponsor uniform. Make your sponsors feel as though they are getting value for their donation and not only are they more likely to attend the event. Table sponsorship should cover at least the entire rental cost of the casino equipment and staff.

Live Auction:

Live auctions can generate a tremendous amount of revenue for the event, if done correctly.  There are several key ingredients to a successful live auction.  Maintain a captive audience – shut down all other activity during this time. Shorter is better – your live auction should run no more than 30-40 minutes
Less is more – have only a few; generally less than 10 – high ticket items for auction. Use a dynamic auctioneer.


As part of their entrance fee guests are usually given initial funny money. If they lose this initial stake they should have the option of acquiring more funny money for a donation. Keep the “donation” to an amount that encourages people to get more funny money rather than setting it too high and not having anyone buy in again.


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Gaming Events  is giving you some insight on  – Why are Gaming Table Games so popular?

Let’s be honest – we go to the casino in hope of luck  (and of course all the mingling that goes with it)– right? 
Your first decision walking in the casino would be slots or table games.
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Gaming Events  is sharing the rich history of the  Welcome to Las Vegas sign!

The Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” neon sign on the southern tip of the Las Vegas Strip, is the most famous sign of its kind. The sign is 25-foot-high (7.62 m).The Las Vegas sign is a symbol of this fantastic holiday destination!

In 1952, a local ,Ted Rogich, came up with the idea and pointed out that Las Vegas had signs advertising everything but itself.

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